Michał Łaźniewski photo

Michał Łaźniewski

Position: Collaborator
Phone: +48 22 55 43 665
Room: 3.62


Biographical note

Michał Łaźniewski scientific interest focus mostly on proteins their sequence, structure, function and interactions with small drug-like compounds. Constant progress in sequencing techniques results, among others, in the exponential growth of the number of known protein sequences. Using profile and meta-profile methods this new sequences can be linked to other alre ady characterized proteins. These information can be used to group similar proteins, predict the structure of newly identified ones and ,to some extent, predict their function. These tasks can be achieved even if compared object share only marginal sequence similarity. Using protein structure a number of analysis can be performed, protein dynamics, predicting protein-protein interactions or calculating binding affinities of small molecules to interesting proteins. These analysis can help us to better understand biological processes at the molecular level and to to predict new drugs.

Publications in lab: